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Our Studio Photos show that The Worldwide Christian Unity Network, Inc. and Sunset Christian Radio a Florida Not For Profit Christian Organization are very proud of our growth and stability over the last four years check out OUR STUDIO PHOTOS.

Sunset Christian Radio started out as a vision as a tool to do Gods work reaching out to not only the youth but younger adults as well, however over the last three years it has blossomed into a true ministry that is reaching over 240,000 people of all ages not only here in South Florida but Worldwide with nothing but the very best programming, Music, Christian Comedy and teachings from Pastor’s from all over the Country.

In late 2014 we took a leap of faith in that we needed to expand and grow our ministry in order to reach out even further as we desired to deliver the message of our Lord Jesus to more an more folks both locally and worldwide. With God beside us and awesome donations from listeners we were able to obtain a new location for not only our sunset christian radio ministries but we were able to expand now to two christian radio stations that give praise to God through Music on a daily bases. We invite you to now join us now on our newest internet radio station ” listen to the very best Classic Country Christian Music 24/7.


IMG_20150309_103143The Worldwide Christian Unity Network survives strictly on the support of our listeners and sponsorship spots which is not always the easiest thing to do we have learned, however God has spoken and assured us he will provide as long as we do our part in making our ministry the best it can be. Please feel free to click on the donation tab below to help support our Christian Bible Base Ministry as we spread the word of God to all.

We employ a few of the best Christian underwriting specialist anywhere, they are rock solid christian professional who know and understand the importance of providing nothing short of the best sponsorship spots produced anywhere.

Please feel free to contact our office Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm to arrange an appointment for one of our professional underwriters to meet with you at your place of business or here in our studio. please feel free to click on the link here to listen to some of our radio spots currently playing or have play in the past.

IMG_20150119_172621Sunset Christian Radio – “Studio A” Broadcasting Control room. This is were The Rick & Wendy Morning Show along with other shows including the Thursday evening Spanish Praise and Worship shows are produced and broadcast ed from.. We use the state of the art equipment and provide the clear and most crisp transmission possible.

Your invited any time to visit and tour our facility and see how our daily programs are put together for daily broadcast. All We ask is that you call prior to arriving to ensure we are able to provide a great tour and that we don’t interrupt a live show.





IMG_20150327_100041[1]The Rick & Wendy Morning Show featuring Side Kick Pillo starts off their day each morning at the crack of dawn in preparation of kicking off the morning show Monday – Friday at 7:am. Most folks don’t realize the amount of work that it entails to put together and produce a four hour show that’s fresh and new each day.

This is also the studio that all programming, music and shows are edited and made ready for broadcast. Editing and preparing shows usually requires many hours of solid dedication to excellence in workmanship in order for it approved for air play.




The Backbone of our Ministry..

IMG_20150327_102422[1]Our entire operation is overseen by our very own Wendy who on a daily bases not only watches over us like the kids at heart we are but ensures everyone that we maintain nothing but the highest level of professionalism at all times. Wendy is the most valuable asset to our ministry due to knowledge of managing the day to day operation, record keeping, scheduling and being apart of the Morning Comedy show.

Wendy also heads up our HR department and oversees the Marketing department ensuring we maintain and stress free christian family work place at all times.

Contact Wendy in the office Monday – Friday at 786-713-5006 to see if there are any employment openings at the present time.

She will also ensure that all your appointments are scheduled and on time.




Studio B  ”Sunset Country Christian Radio” 

SDC18328Studio B is where we bring to life the Classic Country Christian Music with Afternoon Host ” DJ Dingo” via internet stream 24/7.  It started out with a few request on WCUN for country christian music and then became a necessity to come up with other alternative ways  of providing this great music to our listeners, which turned out that there was only one avenue that would fit the needs of not only our community but the worldwide community as well and that was to launch “Sunset Country Christian Radio.

God has lead us down a path were our ministry is rapidly growing and staying true to our mission of bringing Praise To God through Music.  Our Lord Jesus has also blessed us with the most awesome christian staff that really have assisted in our ability to grow at all levels.

Your invited to join in and listen to the Great Country Christian Music by going to



Professional Insulated Sound Booths

SDC18339When we record radio spots, dub overs and other specialty voice overs we are fortunate to have not one but professional insulated south booths that add that extra special high quality sound effects and bring out the perfection.

Its all about quality information about your business along with the proper verbiage,  just the right pitch and tone in the announcers voice added with the Wow factor that makes a radio spot attractive and listener friendly.

We here at Sunset Christian Radio pride ourselves on having the talent just right for any industry any field or occasion using a mans voice, ladies voice or even a groups voice over. From Miami Florida to California we use a number of different national known announcers, dj’s and even celebrity artist.   Allow us to help reach out to you today and create that special radio spot that will attract new clients and customers to your place of business.



Our Recording and Rehearsal Studio

SDC18335As a part of a larger ministry The Worldwide Christian Unity Network  also operates a full state of the art recording and rehearsal studio complete with a 1500 sq foot of air conditioned space, multiple guitar amps, keyboard and keyboard amps, 5 piece professional drum kit (musician supplies snare and symbols), Mackie Professional 72 Channel Mixing Console, Microphones ( Including stands and cables ) 2 Professional Insulated Vocal sound Booths and much more….





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