Heading to Number 1 on the Fast Track

Heading to Number 1 on the Fast Track

Jordan Riley

When thinking about music and artists, the conclusions we draw seem simple and we don’t often wander very far down the path to discovery by just scratching the surface. You Make Me Better Looking at the life and artistry of Jordan Riley offers a fresh perspective not often seen in today’s world; You-Make-Me-Better-ARTWORK-5-copy-300x300not because he is better or greater than his peers, but because his goal and calling offers us more than just music.

To hear the music is to hear a heart that beats with a different message than what we often hear blaring through a stereo or screaming for our attention through the noise of everyday life.
“My love of music began at an early age when I would sing in church. As I got older I began to see other artists using their talents for things that didn’t really matter. It was in high school that I went to my first professional concert and by the end of the night I knew that I had been deeply affected in a powerful way,” says Jordan. “It wasn’t the music that had affected my as much as the message and the way the artist had shown their concern for me. I felt like I was being spoken to like I was the only one in the room. It was at that point that I began to reconsider how I could use my gift to do the same thing but for others.”




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